Who Am I

I am Dr Damien VIVET, assistant professor at University of Orleans, PRISME Laboratory.

About this website...

This website has the objective to present my main research projects and my teaching.

Special Interview from PRISME Laboratory

About Our Research Team

The Image-Vision (IV) team includes a dozen teachers-researchers, specialists of the image processing and the computer vision. The works of the team are focused on applications in the field of health care and home care systems.

Team Thematic Research :

Segmentation - Modelling - Characterization:

  • Methods of segmentation and modelling applied to the medical imaging
  • Recalage multi-modalities
  • Textures characterization
  • etc.

Geometric Vision – Scenes Analysis :

  • Static and dynamic scenes analysis
  • 3D scene reconstruction
  • Visual servoing and localization
  • Detection and object tracking
  • Human activities analysis
  • etc.

Latest Events

14February, 2015

IUT de l'Indre, Châteauroux.

19February, 2015

My birthday :D